Saffron Rose believes that we are already spirit having taken human form.


 Hence, the goal of our life is to be the best human we can be; to grow more and more into our potential and live the fullest life that we can live. Integrity is essential. So is passion. And courage.

Insights are useful in as long as we act on the inspiration that we receive. Knowledge needs to be applied to become wisdom. And only wisdom is true power. Healing does not take place in a room, in pills, food nor supplements. It takes place in a life well lived and lived with love, wisdom and celebration, having expressed our Higher Self. There is an art to living. It is called co-creativity. Creativity is allowing the flow of our inner vision - our imagination and highest intention - to permeate every aspect of both our own life, as well as the world around us . Hence, our purpose as co-creators: we are all made the same way.

Yoga is a powerful yet peace-loving, ethical and practical way of life that helps us refine our inner state which in turn creates our outer environment: it changes our chemistry and consequently, our destiny. It partners us with the laws of Nature and allows us to access all her resources to fulfill our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential. We learn to perfect our relating with ourselves, with others, with all creatures with a strong sense of consciousness and devotion.

Yoga transforms our perceptions as we reinvent the ways we think, speak, and act, our entire presence enhances the world around us. This is seeing all of life as sacred, as only through our experiences of life can our soul be perfected, and only then, will we find peace. "Being" is the em-bodi-ment (body affirmative) of the change we seek to create in the world, this is Spiritual Activism. This Spiritual Activism can have an enormous impact on human and animal rights, environmental health, political choices and create a peaceful co-existence with our Divine Mother Nature. This is all ancient wisdom from the Vedas and other Indigenous spiritual traditions, which Saffron Rose respectfully refers to and teaches from.

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