“I have been working with Natalia for 10 months now and it has been a wonderful time. My life has changed significantly and I have learned how to change old thought patterns in my life. Natalia is extremely professional, a great listener and has an amazing experience. What I find very interesting and helpful is that her practice is based on Yogic and nature based psychotherapy and Ayurveda. I am happier, healthier, more balanced and I am not afraid to live. Thank you Natalia.”
Paulina Jastrzebska, Lawyer, Dublin


“I have just participated in Fabio’s week-long early-morning intensive and I wanted to pass on to you how impressed I was by it. It was inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking and such fun! He is a kind, witty and thoughtful teacher. It was certainly worth the drive from Manly and was well priced.”
Vicky, Manly


“The Early Morning Intensive Class has been an uplifting experience. I appreciated the different emphasis of each class and learning about the impact of the season & weather. The commitment and intensity has given me greater enthusiasm for my own yoga practice. It has left me feeling positive, strong and more appreciative – of just about everything.”
Jude, Newport


"Hello lovely Natalia, Thank you so very much for your outstanding, so very interesting and inspiring talk at the Yoginis retreat. Everyone thought you were wonderful and they sung your praises on the feedback sheets. They wanted you to stay longer!! You added beautifully to our Women’s retreat.
I will be back in touch as soon as I have the next date, to see if you would like to do another retreat talk with us. Until then…. Love and light xxxx"
Yvette,  www.yoginisyoga.com



“Hi Natalia, I just wanted to really acknowledge how amazing you are. Thank you for yesterday and also for all the other enriching and grounding sessions”.
M.H., Alice Springs 


"I loved the Meditation workshop with Natalia! She was brilliant. Her thoughts and direction were wonderful. I will definitely be back for more of your workshops..."
Natalie, Wahroonga


"I loved the Yoga for the Chakras course with Fabio. Loved the detail of the course content and never wanted to miss a class! ... really enjoyed the focused meditation at the end of each class. As for Fabio, he has such a wonderful manner and way of teaching and I definitely have enjoyed his classes more than any others I've ever done."
Alarna, Narrabeen


"In a world that has become co-dependent on everything, I have been lucky enough to come across two inspiring individuals who have EMPOWERED and equipped me with tools and guidance that have transformed my life.  Natalia is truly a gifted healer.  Her strong intuitive eye has helped me heal the underlying wound to whatever story is playing out, who has taught me that from a place of pure love all wounds will heal, and most importantly helped me come back home, back to my Self.  Fabio is a very special kind of teacher, whilst verbally instructing you through the physical asanas, he also opens your ears and helps you to tune into and listen to the wisdom from the teacher that resides within you.  Through Fabio's classes and his Freedom Yoga program I have found a joy and intimacy with my practice that I am very grateful for.  I am forever blessed that I have had the opportunity to have crossed paths with them both, the seeds they have planted, the guidance, support and tools I am left with empowers me daily to continue the journey home and has deeply enriched my life, and for this again I am forever grateful.
Olivia Rae, Avalon


"I feel privileged being able to work with Natalia and am very grateful that our paths crossed in this life. Natalia's love, presence and spiritual awareness allowed me to open up and work on the matters deeply hidden within my subconscious mind. My old wounds strarted to heal and I become more loving person. Thank you so much Natalia for your love, great wisdom  and the most beautiful way, in which you share it with me. I am truly lucky to be able to work with you! Deeply grateful."
Dr Agnieszka Sloma, Poland


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