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Our Studio is at Suite 1A, 1773 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, in Sydney.

It is named after the original name of this land, we would like to show our deep respect for its past and present custodians, at the same time, honour all spiritual traditions and ancient wisdoms that lead us on a journey of discovery deep within. 

As the temple for the spirit, the body has an intelligence way beyond the mind.

Yoga is a path that leads to Self-realization. To walk this path we need a certain clarity, a vision to see beyond our current perception of things, beyond the masks we wear throughout our day and beyond the limitations we have created in our existence. Yoga offers the tools to work the Physical, Pranic, Mental and Psychic dimensions of the self and that gradually lead us to the very core of Existence.Of the many paths, Hatha and Tantra Yoga are the most esoteric and they begin the work on the Physical and Energetical realms.

We soon realise that as the temple for the spirit, the body has an intelligence way beyond the mind. Learning to listen to this wisdom, we test our ground for the truth and transform our life. Yoga is about discovering the true self, and the life we are meant to live. Our personal practice itself becomes our guidance, and gives us the power we need to follow through and create our dreams.

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Saffron Rose Guringai Yoga Shala Meditation Mona Vale Northern Beaches


Saffron-Rose-Dynamic-Yoga Saffron Rose Guringai Yoga Shala Meditation Mona Vale Northern Beaches

Dynamic Yoga

Expect to join a faster pace practice in which there is some assumed knowledge of alignment, sun salute flow, contraindications of the poses and clear use of the breath. Inversions, pranayama, chanting and elements of philosophy flavor the class. Open to intermediate students with substantial previous experience.

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Hatha Yoga

Saffron-Rose-Haha-Yoga Saffron Rose Guringai Yoga Shala Meditation Mona Vale Northern Beaches

Hatha Yoga in the west is a general term to describe a style of Yoga. In reality Hatha Yoga is any form of Yoga that involve Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and Meditative practices on top of the Shatkarmas, cleansing practices.

However, you may expect to join a lead class in which movement and breath are the focus of the practice. The time of the day, the presence of the elements in varying degrees, the ability and experience of the students all combine to create the conditions of the class. Most poses and techniques offer some variations to meet the students’ individual needs.

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Saffron-Rose-freedom-yoga Saffron Rose Guringai Yoga Shala Meditation Mona Vale Northern Beaches Freedom Yoga:

Created by Fabio, Freedom is based on his authentic relationships with his students. To read about his journey, check out the article in the New York Spirit here and here.

The Freedom sessions are designed to enhance the student’s personal Yoga practice and to meet individual needs. They are non-led yet supervised classes where each student can go deeper into their own zone, following the practice that is best suited for their Body-mind at that time. Fabio is present to  guide, assist, adjust and support where needed.

They feel like a one on one but in a group environment. They always start with a one on one with Fabio to set the tone and direction of the practice, to create a student-teacher relationship and if needed, to design a sequence from scratch or to upgrade an already existing one. They are ideal for students who want to create a self practice but do not have the tools or experience to do so, and for experienced Yogis who want to deepen their practice or take the next step on their journey. The sequences could be experimental, therapeutical, with or without use of props and can involve Pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Details of Freedom Yoga classes are available on our calendar. Next course will be announced here in the New Year.

Customised Yoga:

Sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups designed for the absolute beginner as well as for the very advanced student seeking to gain more knowledge in the following areas:

• asanas

• bandhas and mudras

• pranayama

• relaxation and meditation

• shatkarmas— ancient yogic cleanses

The Teacher Training

In a world where there is more and more an emphasis on quick results and for low costs, slotted into an already full and pressured lifestyle, we are offering an opportunity for a personal revolution, for our students to experience an 'immersion into Yogic living' and embodied wisdom. There is choice to move at your pace and around work commitments and leave allowances. Set on 3 retreats in Bali, Sicily and India, the experience is profound and transformational. And this structure allows for better focus on the Yogic studies in a more nurturing and relaxed way, more conducive to learning and teaching.

Visit our page on the Journeys into Yoga here.

yoga-in-the-bush Saffron Rose Guringai Yoga Shala Meditation Mona Vale Northern BeachesYoga and the bush:

To work more intimately with the Pancha Maha Bhutas (the great 5 Vedic elements), some of the sessions are offered out in Nature, without props, to enhance the power and potency of the practices. The chosen locations are impregnated with the energy of one or more of the Subtle Elements to facilitate healing and transformation.

Next dates for a group program to be announced.

To organise a one on one in the bush please contact Fabio.



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