sr bodywork

An experience of sacred anointing, in the style of a full body Ayurvedic massage, this treatment is oil on skin using herbal oils and floral essences that suit the individual's natural constitution as well as their presenting imbalances. It is quite gentle, yet has a strong energetic, grounding and nurturing effect on the whole system.

A Shiatsu treatment uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to harmonise the currents of energy or prana/qi that flow through the system. It uses acupressure point stimulation on a fully clothed body, and is given on a futon mattress.


saffron-rose-mona-vale-healing-massageBenefits include:

• soothes the nervous system
• tones the skin and muscles
• strengthens bones
• increases suppleness
• improves circulation
• eliminates toxins
• increases stamina
• boosts immunity and energy levels
• corrects the flow of energy and clears any obstructions
• aids relaxation and quality of sleep


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