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Saffron Rose seeks to restore sacredness to a desacralised world. It does so by coaching and equipping a new generation of people who are passionately committed to fulfilling their potential: creating successful individuals who lead by example and have a positive impact upon the earth and its people.

Saffron Rose classes are based at Guringai Yoga Shala - Yoga and Meditation studio in Mona Vale, Sydney.



The highest form of Health is unconditional joy in every aspect of our life. Read more...



As the temple for the spirit, the body has an intelligence way beyond the mind. Read more...



True transformation comes from realisations from within.

Retreat is an innate human need to reconnect and recharge, to nourish our soul and gather strength and conviction on our inner journey

 Quintessential France 'Carnet de Voyage': A Date with your Creative Self in Paris and Provence 

13th to 22nd April 2019
With Natalia Perera

Join Natalia on this unique journey of discovery and play to quintessential France to nurture your inner artist... making your very own 'carnet de voyage' with all the magic of Paris and Provence.

This is the perfect date to explore your creativity, or to find inspiration in the day to day, to recharge or to initiate change in your life. You are bound to find 'la joie de vivre' in abundance...

Information session for anyone interested in finding out more, you are welcome to join us on:

Sunday 9th September 2018, at 14:00


 Paris Provence retreat Saffron Rose

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If you want Natalia Perera to speak or present on a topic related to Spiritual Activism, Yoga Psychology, Meditation or Ayurveda at your next event, please contact her by email: click here
or by phone +61 419 271 371

If you want Fabio Fabbri to speak or present on any topic related to Yoga, at your next event, please contact him by email: click here
or by phone +61 410 122 870

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