- By Natalia Perera

“Another world is not only possible…
She is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

– Arundhati Roy

goddess4Hello again dear Warrior, how are you traveling? More to the point, how is your inner child traveling? For he or she would have wanted to share something of their experience after we discussed in our last article the role of early childhood education and its impact in shaping our psyche. And we talked about our fears, individual and collective, and the need to overcome them with Love so that we may align ourselves with our highest purpose.

Yet the very word “purpose” can be confusing in this current spiritual revolution. When we ponder how we are to contribute to this Earth, we often think in terms of what we are to do, not how we are to be. For ‘doing’ or performing things outwardly has been the way for many thousands of years, and much of our self worth has depended upon it. Now, the Divine Feminine is reversing that, insisting that our inner world needs to change first for Her Earth to be transformed. Today, “doing” is only going to cause us to lose our footing, for we must re-learn the art of “being”.


Our noble teachers who mastered “being” before “doing” did so through very difficult circumstances. Nelson Mandela, the honorable man who ended the regime of racial prejudice in South Africa from 1948 to 1994 is one outstanding example. At 95 years of age, he lived a long life filled with meaning and a clear purpose. Yet, he spent twenty-seven years in prison under horrific conditions where he could “do” very little. He used that time to undertake a law degree by correspondence, and to study Islam and Afrikaans. Blessed with a strong sense of spirituality and justice from an early age, no doubt he also used that time to deepen his faith and related practices. But living in confinement and facing such hardship both personally as well as collectively for his people, led him to develop immense strength and resilience, discipline, commitment and focus, imagination and faith—we could say, he developed almost super-human levels of inner resources: he became accomplished in “being”. And this state of “being” was what he could draw upon to gather support for his cause both whilst he was in prison and when he was released, by which time the momentum had built and was ready to be manifested in the world. Though he achieved his cherished dream for his own people, he urges us all to continue the dreaming and the fight for freedom:

“There is no easy road to freedom … none of us acting alone can achieve success. We must therefore act together as a united people … for the birth of a new world. … Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. … Let freedom reign.”

For us warriors, celebrating his life means we follow his footsteps in doing the inner work he did over many years in captivity. We are so fortunate today that the world is a very different place to what it was even twenty years ago. We have immeasurable and unprecedented encouragement, support, and magic around us so that we don’t need to be literally imprisoned to refine our inner world. Yet, it also means that we are more cognizant of our limitations, our psychological pains day in, day out. Rather than allowing this awareness to make us feel trapped, we can seize each challenging moment as an opportunity to free ourselves, and hence, free the world.

It takes great powers of consciousness and creativity to bring peace into our society or to heal our planet that way. Like Nelson Mandela did, we need to develop almost superhuman amounts of both, which is available at our fingertips. The key is to re-establish our connection to the sacred universe in the most sublime and intimate way. This is a task that goes well beyond our spiritual beliefs, our Yoga classes, or our meditation techniques. We are being pushed to surrender entirely to the greater cosmic consciousness so much so that we become One with Her.

We begin by honoring the Divine Mother, whose body is Nature. To strengthen our connection with Her, we need to spend time with Her, listen to Her, and watch Her rhythms. She talks to us in many ways, as she always did to our Native people, our ancestors, who have been annihilated to a mere shadow of their former selves, yet still have much to teach us. For instance, they knew of Nature’s sacred sites, so powerful to awaken dormant energies and facilitate deep healing in us. They knew of the therapeutic uses of plants, rocks, crystals, and flowers, the force held by trees, the language of animal spirits, the symbolism of the elements and the four cardinal directions, as well as the significance of the movements of the moon, the stars, and the planets. They not only lived in harmony with the flow of life, they aligned their heartbeat with Hers, and accessed Her magic with their own human system.

This is why it is now so vital for us to help heal the world’s indigenous people, support their cause, revive their culture, restore their sacred sites, and allow them to adorn and worship on their lands as they need to. It is imperative not only for the survival of the planet, but for our joy too.

At the same time, for us non-traditional persons to relate with the Goddess with that much intimacy, we need to use one of Her forms. She has many forms, in order to communicate with each one of our psyches, as a mother responds to all her children. This form can be an image or a statue of a Goddess that represents a quality dearest to our hearts, or a form in Nature, such as the Moon, a river, an ocean, a special flower, rock, or tree. Let’s choose whatever works for us and give an offering, with sincere gratitude, as Krishna says to the great warrior Arjuna: “If one offers me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or some water, I accept. All that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, do that as an offering to me” (Bhagavad Gita, 9.26 – 9.28).

Taking that first step, making that conscious choice to start here and now is itself a massive statement that we have the power of creativity within us. I leave you today with a “magic formula” for transmutation (meaning our ability to manifest a physical result) by a great Shaman and inspiring teacher, Sandra Ingerman, which will give you much to play with, till next time we meet:
“Intention + Harmony + Love + Concentration + Focus + Union + Imagination = Transmutation,” which she explains further as:

“If we set an intention: what do we want?
And we open our hearts in love to all of life on the planet
And we remember that we are part of a web of life, we are all one, there is unity with each other
And we do our spiritual work to find harmony within
And we concentrate and keep our focus on a vision for the future
And we imagine by seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting what we want to see for this planet in the future…
Then it will be so.”

Published in New York Spirit Magazine
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