- By Natalia Perera

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature”

– Joseph Campbell


NurturingTheWarrior-yevgenianaybergIn our first ‘meeting’, we talked about the current Spiritual Revolution of the Divine Feminine that we are facing, and what it means to us both as individuals and as children of our Mother Earth. We talked about our tender initiation as Warriors of the Sacred. Then the road ahead that has two legs; the inner work that reclaims our bodies and our power, and the wise action in the world that is born of our creative force.

In this encounter, we continue our journey together, this time focusing on the first leg: the inner work, our intention being to nurture our Warriors to grow strong and courageous whilst remaining sensitive and compassionate. Their most fundamental soul food is their spiritual practice which results in true transformation of themselves as individuals and as a collective. That is, they find not only the unfailing connection to their source of inspiration and strength, but also deep conviction in that guidance to act on it. After all, these are the qualities which distinguish the Warrior of the Sacred apart from the spiritual seeker and the worldly activist.


While spiritual seekers are searching for their direction and focusing on mastering their practices, and worldly activists are busy fighting for worthy causes, Warriors of the Sacred have found their way to connect to Divinity so much so that they are no longer so reliant on society. To use the famous quote: “They are in the world but not of the world”. They have done their inner work and feel enriched with enough power and strength to withstand not only difficult battles but also grueling rejections from society. They have confronted their heartbreaks to the point where it is unbearable NOT to take big action about it. They have surrendered both their natural gifts and learned skills as a response to an inner call to rise to their highest purpose; to be an instrument of change in a world desacralised by the abhorring mental construct of patriarchy’s institutional and doctrinal denial of our oneness with our Mother Earth. This requires quite a degree of spiritual maturity.

We can define spiritual maturity using the imagery of a glass of water. After all, our societies and religious institutions have commended the good samaritan’s service to the community. There is nothing new there.

But what they have failed to do is acknowledge us as evolutionary and sexual beings with earthly roots capable of growing very tall and strong indeed. If our body was a glass, and we were a third filled with water, “giving” is defined as finding other glasses emptier than ourselves (many are readily available) and pouring ourselves into them. And we are applauded for being ‘good’. But this approach is flawed in two ways: firstly, we remain empty and tired, not a threat to the status quo, until our bodies eventually dry out and crack. Secondly, this very giving cultivates in others an emptiness and a dependence to be filled up. Distracted with the need to survive, they pose no threat to the status quo either. Instead, the endless cycle of co-dependence continues.

Yoga teaches us differently. A true Warrior of the Sacred stands firm and fills themselves up so much so that they overflow with power and joy. Then whomever is thirsty can choose to come to their ‘fountain’ and drink, while they witness a more intelligent and sustainable way of being. One that is in line with our true nature. Now that is radical. Both radical and dangerous to the established systems.

Yoga (in its widest sense includes Tantra and Ayurveda) enlightens us both on and off the mat. It aims to bring light within matter, spirit within the body. Its wisdom reminds us that we are created whole and that there is nothing in us that cannot be healed, overcome and applied constructively for the benefit of humanity. In fact, our single most significant realisation is that just as Nature is created sustainable, so are we. Just as Creation sustains itself, so do our bodies and our energies.

We begin by aligning ourselves with Our Mother’s infinite resources that contribute to our own wellbeing and Hers too – from natural herbal medicines and homeopathy, to crystals, energetic therapies, flower essences and nutritious, wholesome foods. We connect to our own intelligence and learn to listen to and follow the ways that best nourish us.

Yoga changes our chemistry indeed. We may recognise the transformation and may even welcome the positive changes in our life and relationships. What we may not realise however, when we come off the mat is that we have just spent the last hour and a half digging up our inner child and their hurts, or rekindling that old love affair, or revisiting that less-than-realised soul we called mum or dad.

More powerful than psychotherapy, it breaks down the persona we project into the world, and with that, everything we had built on it. Nobody told us “we aim to destroy your entire personality” when we bought our monthly pass. Yet, that is precisely the goal of the work we carry out on our chakras. The personality is a dysfunction which needs to be dropped. Ancient Yogis knew this. Intimately, they studied with their Guru and took solace in the scriptures.

What more rewarding a path to authenticity and freedom? A way to nurture our Warrior of the Sacred and bless them with the ultimate gift of fearlessness so they can be triumphant in their creation of a new earth? Carlos Castaneda, a man of great respect for ancient matriarchal wisdom said “To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other”.

This provokes our demon doubt: do we have what it takes to follow our greatest mission? The Buddha was asked: “are all people created equal?”, to which he answered that spiritually yes, we are all made the same way, and have the same potential to be enlightened… but no, not all of us have the power to attract to us the circumstances that we need in order to be enlightened.

As Warriors of the Sacred, we need to apply the mystical knowledge that is being revealed to us ever more during this spiritual revolution and liberate ourselves from the bondages of our own past and also those of our present despicable society. The healing forces and supports that are being released from the Divine Feminine are way beyond our comprehension. In raising our vibration, anything becomes possible, from re-programming our DNA, to creating a global, organic spirituality that belongs innately us as one people of the earth.

Time has come to remember the chemical connections between our cells and the stars, between the beginning and the now, and to re-activate the consciousness of oneness between all living beings. To re-establish our magic link with the earth’s vital energy flow, deepen our sense of reverence and faith in Our Nature.

As Osho articulates: Creation is not comparable to the artist who watches his painting but rather to the dancer who is one with the dance. So I invite you to take this radical step of cleansing your temple and make sacred again our experience of life, dancing to the rhythm of our common heartbeat in celebration of what it means to be human…. till we meet again to explore wise creative acts.

Published in New York Spirit Magazine
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