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True transformation comes from realisations from within.


All spiritual traditions speak of the importance of a form of meditation. Today, as consciousness evolves more and more, even entrepreneurs, parents and artists of all walks of life recognise the need for a clear and positive mindset in order to perform well and realise their dreams and visions.




So what is meditation? As we have endless ways to exercise our bodies, so we have infinite ways of using our minds. The key is to understand who we are, where we are at, and what works for us at which point in time. We do meditation not to improve ourselves, but to be with ourselves, a precious gift amidst our busy days. From that truly sacred space, arise inspirations, realisations, rejuvenations, healings, deep peace.... to name a few immeasurable gifts.

Sessions can be one-on-one or in small groups designed for the absolute beginner as well as for the very advanced student seeking to deepen their practice and knowledge in the following areas:

• anaparna
• vipassana
• tantric yantra
• chakra dharana
• tratak
• mantra / japa
• antar mouna or ‘inner silence’


Meditation classes

Take place at Guringai Yoga Shala Studio - Suite 1A, 1773 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, Sydney.

saffron-rose-mona-vale-meditation3Casual classes on Tuesday evenings at 18:15 - 19:15.

Perfect for people who wish to receive instruction on a range of techniques, and build a foundation for their practice. Each class we will pick a technique or approach to suit the needs of the students present. We share experiences before and after the practice, checking in on each other's difficulties and answering queries, so individual needs are met.

      • * Please note that on Tuesday 9th August, Olivia Rae will take this class, standing in for Natalia. Natalia will be back the following Tuesday, as per usual *


Silent Meditation sessions will no longer run until further notice.

A whole hour dedicated to students who wish to deepen their Meditation experience. Whether it is for general wellbeing or for special needs (physical health, healing relationships, solving work difficulties, finding meaning or increasing creativity etc), you are welcome to participate at any time in that hour and join others in Silence. You may use a technique of your choice, all approaches and levels of experience are welcome, and if it supports your practice, feel free to bring objects that inspire you. If you have not meditated before, this is an opportunity to receive personal instruction. In any case, Natalia will be there to check in and guide you personally and discreetly towards developing a self practice.

This is an invitation to be in a group and build your discipline, at the same time, learning to trust your ability under the supervision of a highly trained and intuitve therapist and teacher.

Please visit the calendar for details and bookings.


Corporate classes for staff wellbeing programs are also offered, please contact Natalia personally to discuss: 0419 271 371.

Natalia is currently teaching a Thursday lunchtime class at Blackmores Australia, in Warriewood, Sydney.


Free Flow Movement Meditation Workshop: date not advised yet

Movement meditation belongs to all the mystical traditions where Yoga finds its roots and which leads us to the experience of the body moving in perfect union with the soul's purpose. We learn to relate to our bodies with reverence and sacredness. There is a deep sense of self acceptance and freedom that comes from this practice, and this shift of consciousness can be both profoundly healing and enlightening. 

In essence, movement meditation is maintaining presence or truthfulness while moving. Its basic instruction is to move, breathe and pay attention. It is especially effective in transforming excess mental energy such as worry and anxiety or sadness and depression. Eventually, all movement all day long can be sacred art as long as we inhabit our bodies with greater grace and awareness. 

In this workshop, we come home to our temple, and learn to listen to ourselves and express in a safe and respectful way, through conscious movement, all that we carry within. Each time is an adventure, a unique exploration into our inner landscape. No experience in any kind of meditation or movement practice is necessary.

As Gabrielle Roth, creator of the 5Rhythms says: " The practice is a moving celebration of our body temple, a gateway to spirit through moving prayer, a physical workout without the effort, a psychotherapy session without words, a playground for the inner child, a dance floor without drugs or alcohol, an embodied meditation, a mini lab for life where you learn about yourself by the way you express in the dance, the way you relate to yourself, to another... a place to be however you are, to take risks, and experiment. It is transformative, liberating, relaxing, releasing, energising, uplifting, fun, profound, magical, simple and you can't do it wrong!"


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